​Update 1.1.0

Esty8nine offered me some great feedback that I've incorporated into this update. Thanks Esty!


  • You now only have one chance to collect an enemy's coins (unless they are killed by a meteor or some other act of god).  Packaged with some of the other changes, this should give coin collecting a higher risk/reward factor while minimizing tedium.
  • Enemies drop more coins
  • Coins eject from dead enemies faster and more erratically.
  • Thorns no longer knock you back.
  • The Slash Attack is less wonky.
  • The boss is invulnerable for longer after being hit.
  • Minor changes to the boss fight.
  • Minor changes to some sounds.


  • Dying while in a turbo jump will no longer make you fall through the floor.
  • Fixed a bug that could hurt the player after respawning if they died while falling.
  • Fixed some sounds being cut off early.
  • The stone from the Stone Throw ability won't be pushed out of safe zones anymore.
  • Removed some debug stuff you probably didn't notice anyway.

Oh, and this is out on Steam in a couple days. I'll make sure everyone who purchased on itch receives a Steam key.

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