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Ascend the crumbling ruins of a fallen kingdom by jumping, swinging, shooting, and teleporting your way through enemies and obstacles. New knowledge and abilities will aid you on your increasingly challenging skyward journey. 

A single game is quick and simple: reach the sun with as much silver as possible. Silver represents both currency and score so purchasing useful power-ups must be balanced with the long term goal of a respectable grade. Death will start you back at the beginning with nothing.

The controls in Thy Kingdom Crumble are a little different than your usual platforming. Left clicking will have you jump towards the cursor and a right click activates any equipped abilities.

The music is composed by Gisula. Steam release planned for 9/26/19. I love any and all comments you might have. Thanks for your interest :)


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Hi, just beaten the boss. The game is really fun! It reminds me of Downwell but upside down. I hope it will develop in the future!

I have two suggestions: 1. quick restart option (if you've taken a lot of damage at the beginning or don't like the items on the first stage), maybe make it so that it takes you to the first stage instead of the fireplace chamber? 2. Moving cursor over the item/knowledge gives their description (I had a few situations when I picked up an item in spikeroom or the room above the sideroom but I didn't manage to read what it does)

I also had a little bug. When I was in the sideroom and jumped on the enemy I was propelled into the ceiling and clipped through (possibly because I had the item, I think it's called promotion, that makes you jump of enemies realy high). I had no way to go back so I had to quit the game. 

Thanks so much for the comment, Scagen :) I'll work on your suggestions. 

Fun little game! Got about 10 minutes in and I see a game I will be spending a lot more time in. It reminds me of towerclimb in a way. My only suggestion is it's WAY to easy to get hurt. I was getting hurt by sliding on things that I barely jumped to. Other than that. This is quite fun and well worth the $4

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Thanks for playing :D

Could you tell if it was fall damage hurting you?

I think that's what it was. I saw no spikes or anything on the sides of the blocks. Sometimes I woiuld jump off the side of a block too and barely be above the top of it and still take damage upon landing. 

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The issue should be solved, thanks for letting me know :)

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Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for fixing it. Played like it should now!

Mind if I stream it sometime?